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We are the "Sports Agents"™ for Financial Advisors.


We are the "Sports Agents"™ for Financial Advisors


Who is The Rummage Group?

The Rummage Group is a unique, nationally recognized Career Consulting firm specializing in the Financial Industry. We are The “Sports Agents” ™ For Financial Advisors and we help them find the most fitting firm to meet their long-term business plans and unique goals.  We have spent over 10,000 hours researching over 2,000 Financial Services companies.


The Rummage Group was founded by career veteran Rick Rummage, who is a frequent contributor to industry publications such as On Wall Street, FundFire, Wealth Management, Reuters, Registered Rep., Bank Investment Consultant, and others.

What Do We DO For YOU?

  • We help Financial Advisors select the right firms by discovering all options (Wire House, Regional, Independent, Plug & Play, RIA, Bank, Boutique, Insurance, Discount & Hybrid).

  • It’s our job to know all the deals on the street - as well as "The Secret Deals".  We help Financial Advisors negotiate top tier deals.

  • We take a consultative approach to Career Coaching

  • All conversations are CONFIDENTIAL! 

  • We know the pros and cons of each firm, having done over 10,000 hours of research on over 2,000 firms & 10 different models - Unbiased information.

  • We help advisors discover important details through our set of over 60 questions an advisor could ask when interviewing firms to avoid possible pitfalls of unknowns.

  • We save advisors time and frustration through our long-standing respected relationships with most firms – it’s always about the best fit that makes a successful advisor.  We can get any question answered with a phone call.


Consulting Division

Meet The Team


Rick Rummage

Rick Rummage is the founder and CEO of The Rummage Group. He is a nationally recognized authority on the Wealth Management and Banking Industry. Rick is an author, thought leader and frequent contributor to the industry's leading publications and educational videos.

His in-depth firsthand experience gives him a competitive advantage in the Career Consulting Industry. During his 30-year career he has hired, managed and coached thousands of financial professionals. Rick has held senior management positions and has worked as a Wealth Advisor, Private Banker, and Commercial Lender.

He has had the unique opportunity to have worked at 10 Financial Institutions via 4 mergers. Rick has worked the full spectrum from the small community bank up to one of the leading Investment Banks on Wall Street.  He loves educating clients on the pros and cons of the 2000 + Broker Dealers, 10 Models and 3 different types of firms.  Rick is passionate about Career Coaching, and it shows in his very direct hands on approach.

Tony Duvall Bio Photo.PNG

Tony Duvall
Senior Career Consultant, Managing Director

Tony is a Virginia native, and has been a Senior Career Consultant with The Rummage Group for over 9 years.  He values the trust his clients place with him and strives to always exceed their expectations.  Prior to joining The Rummage Group, Tony was a Senior loan officer in the mortgage industry where he loved helping homeowners fulfill their dreams.  He loves helping his clients improve their careers and works tirelessly to that end.  Outside of his career, he enjoys time with his son, dog, and the beach.


Jim Malfatti
Senior Career Consultant, Managing Director

Jim has been a Senior Career Consultant with The Rummage Group for over 5 years.  While his practice is located in northern Virginia, he serves clients throughout the United States.  He focuses on working closely with Financial Advisors to help them reach their personal and professional goals.

Whether your goal is to grow your client base, to meet higher net worth clients or to build your own empire, his process and resources align to meet your needs.  Jim’s clients benefit from a hands-on approach throughout the process in order to “filter out the noise” of the industry, which is constantly changing.

Having worked his way through the restaurant industry to become an owner, Jim appreciates the unbelievable opportunities the financial industry provides and works tirelessly for his clients. With an education and background in teaching, he imparts a subtle wisdom and knowledge to each client he serves.  Jim’s mantra is that of the great, Zig Ziglar...”the more people you help, the more you help yourself”.  


Christy Howe
Senior Career Consultant, Managing Director

When Christy first joined The Rummage Group in 2016, she had personally been working with a financial advisor for 10 years.  Her advisor helped her make sense of her late father’s estate and position her mother to live in the best possible situation, given her goals and resources. The road was long and complicated, but two years into working with her advisor, she began to appreciate the part her advisor played in helping Christy “sleep at night.”

Fast forward to The Rummage Group, and the chance to help others. The goal of our team is to offer consultative services to financial advisors. Christy’s passion is to help advisors on a personal level through discovery of each person’s unique story, much like advisors help their clients. As she gets to know each advisor, she offers authentic advice, looking at each situation against a backdrop of an industry that is in a constant state of flux. 

Her unique ability to connect with others and her transparent communication skills, coupled with her prior career as a CPA and management consultant, has led to her success.  Christy has helped many advisors find happiness within the industry’s ten different models.  Her mission is to educate and provide career alternatives so that each advisor can achieve their individual and practice goals.


Robbyn Paul
Senior Career Consultant

Robbyn has been a Senior Career Consultant with The Rummage Group for over 5 years.  She started her career in the securities industry in 1994, and became a Financial Advisor at the age of 24.  Before joining The Rummage Group, Robbyn worked with ING, Cetera, AIG, Woodbury Financial and a couple other boutique broker dealers.  Her background gives her extensive hands on experience to help her clients achieve their career goals.

Robbyn lives in Las Vegas with her husband and son.  When she’s not helping her clients she enjoys playing with her son, working out, rollerblading and various volunteer activities.


Anna Szajna
Senior Career Consultant
Chief Growth Officer

Anna returned to her career with the Rummage Group as a Marketing Manager and quickly realized her passion is helping people and moved into a Career Consultant role.  Anna’s dedication to matching her clients to the perfect situation is very evident.  She pulls this skill set from her 12 years as a Human Resource Director in the printing industry.  Anna received her Marketing degree from Shepherd University.  When Anna is not working hard helping clients, she is spending time with her husband, Chris, and middle-school aged son Ike.  They love camping, traveling and visiting all the local wineries and breweries in the Virginia area.  


Rob Withers
Senior Career Consultant
Managing Director

Prior to joining The Rummage Group in 2021, Rob spent 34 years in the Financial Services Industry, both as a successful Financial Advisor, Branch Manager and Market Leader. Over the past 20 years as a Market Leader with Wells Fargo Advisors, Rob helped 62 successful Financial Advisors find a better home for their business and their clients through joining his office(s). Rob received numerous accolades as a Top Manager including 19 years as Premier Manager with his firm and recognized as one of Wall Streets Top 100 Managers for two consecutive years by OnWallstreet magazine.

Upon retiring from Wells Fargo Advisors, Rob joined The Rummage Group because he believes that every Financial Advisor should have the knowledge and opportunity to serve their clients in an strong, supportive environment that benefits both the client and their family. Not all firms are created equal and as an Advisor’s business matures the things they need to meet their client's needs and their business needs often change. Rob’s industry knowledge and enjoyment for working with Advisors provides the right blend for helping Financial Advisors find their ideal platform. 


In July of 2021, Rob and his wife Denise relocated from Richmond VA to Pine Bluff Arkansas where he also leads a Non-Profit organization helping families move from government reliance to one of self sustainability through Home Again Pine Bluff. As an active outdoorsman you will find a fellow Duck Hunter, Fly fisherman, boater and skier.


Joe Facen
Career Consultant

Joe has 11 years experience in trading currency and over 20 years in sales in various industries. His focus is on the customer and giving the best service around.

His hobbies are cooking (especially on the grill), going to music concerts, and watching kung-fu movies. Joe has three children, has been married for over 10 years, and has been with his wife for over 20 years. Spending time with family is his top priority.


Michelle Goodwin
Career Consultant

Michelle brings expertise as a Mindset Coach backed with 20+ years of Sales and Marketing. As a Mindset Coach, she brings a 4-step model to create a growth mindset for success in career and life. This skill blends perfectly with The Rummage Group’s “Sales Agent” consultative approach. 


Michelle’s true passion is to be of service to others. She has an innate ability to intuitively get to the core of her clients needs and guide them to a solution that checks all the boxes.

In Michelle’s free time, she chairs multiple committees, is a devoted mom/chauffeur to 5, and a caretaker of 18 chickens, a cat, a dog, a chameleon and two parakeets. In her actual free time, she loves reading, hiking, basketball and running. 

Recruiting Division


Greg Larson
Managing Director Recruiting Division

Greg heads up the Recruiting Division at the Rummage Group.  Any positions paid a salary, or designated as a W-2 paid employee would be under the direction of Greg and his team at the Rummage Group. This would include positions ranging from a Customer Service Associate (CSA) to the President or CEO of a firm, usually all Operational related roles fall under the direction of the Recruiting Division.

Greg is a University of Kentucky Graduate, with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, and an MBA.  He has been involved in the executive search industry for over 20 years.


Cindy Hoppe
Executive Recruiter, SVP

Cindy is a native Washingtonian.  She graduated from the University of Maryland with a Business Administration degree.  Working at IBM as a Marketing Rep, and then selling new homes for NV Homes prior to being a Mom and raising her kids.  Once the kids went to school, she wanted to work part time and landed at The Rummage Group for seven years.  She took a break and now is BACK enjoying working as a Career Consultant. 


Cindy enjoys time with her family, friends, walking the dog, Pilates, summer time, beach and kayaking on the Potomac River.


Erin Thorn
Executive Recruiter

Erin utilizes her ability to authentically connect with people, and her service-driven heart to help financial professionals recognize and reach their goals. Prior to joining the Rummage Group, she was the Vice President of Social Media and Customer Relations with a globally recognized business. Her approach is direct, genuine, knowledgeable, and usually comes with a side of humor. She is passionate about helping professionals take their career to the  next level and finds immense joy when a client says she played a role in changing their life for the better.

Outside of work, you can often find Erin on a hiking trail, in, on, or near any body of water, or taking her sweet pup for a long walk. She loves playing board games and having movie nights with her three awesome boys.


Carol Ku
Executive Recruiter

Carol joined the Rummage Group with an extensive background as an experienced sales, administrative, and management professional.  Her passion is helping others and she has found her role here to be incredibly rewarding. Carol is highly involved in volunteer work, including extensively within Fairfax County Public Schools.  When not working excitedly for her clients, she enjoys cooking, shopping, traveling and spending time with her husband, Michael and two children.


Kellee Yohler
Executive Recruiter

Kellee became a career consultant with the Rummage group in 2021. After spending some time in the south she returned home to be closer to family . Kellee was excited to get back to her career after staying home to raise her two boys . She signed on with The Rummage Group so she could continue doing what she loves which is helping people . She is always eager to build relationships with people and help them explore their careers . In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family , pets , and a good book when she has the time . 


Contact Us

Located in Purcellville VA

Phone: (703) 435-2822

Fax:      (571) 421-1088

Rick Rummage - CEO 

Becci Rummage - Director of Human Resources

Anna Szajna - Senior Career Consultant, Chief Growth Officer


Rob Withers - Senior Career Consultant, Managing Director


Greg Larson - Managing Director Recruiting Division


Erin Thorne - Executive Recruiter

Tony Duvall - Senior Career Consultant, Managing Director 

Jim Malfatti - Senior Career Consultant, Managing Director

Christy Howe - Senior Career Consultant, Managing Director

Robbyn Paul - Senior Career Consultant


Joe Facen - Career Consultant


Michelle Goodwin - Career Consultant


Cindy Hoppe - Executive Recruiter, SVP


Carol Ku - Executive Recruiter


Kellee Yohler - Executive Recruiter

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