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-NEXT.GEN-Rummage is a specific recruiting effort helping firms access tomorrow’s emerging advisor talent.

We keep it simple with a one-page contingent contract (not a retainer!) and a low flat placement fee when the candidate is hired.


As the industry evolves and clients' needs become more complex, it's essential to have a diverse team of advisors equipped with the latest knowledge, skills, and perspectives to provide exceptional service. “-NEXT.GEN-Rummage” is designed to introduce you to talent, so you can hire/develop young professionals bringing fresh ideas and energy to your firm’s team.

Key benefits to working with -NEXT.GEN-Rummage:

Access to a Talent Pool: Gain access to a diverse pool of highly motivated, skilled, and qualified candidates who are eager to make their mark in the industry.

Search Specific: Our comprehensive search program will ensure that your new advisors are well-versed in the latest industry trends, best practices, and technology, enabling them to make valuable contributions to your team from day one.

Succession Planning: By recruiting and nurturing young talent, you'll be laying the groundwork for a seamless transition of leadership and continuity of service for your clients in the years to come.

Enhance Your Firm's Reputation: Demonstrate your commitment to innovation and the development of future industry leaders, making your firm an attractive choice for both clients and top talent.

Foster a Dynamic and Collaborative Environment: Integrating the next generation of advisors into your team will create a vibrant atmosphere where ideas are shared, and innovation thrives.


To learn more about the -NEXT.GEN-Rummage and how it can help your organization thrive, call Rick Rummage – 703-435-2822

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