How We Add Value

The Rummage Group

The Rummage Group is a very unique, nationally recognized Career Consulting Firm specializing in the Financial Industry. We are the "Industry Experts" that connect Financial Advisors with the hundreds of firms willing to hire them. We are one of the only firms started and run by a 20 year veteran of the Financial Industry.We are the"Sports Agents" TM for Financial Advisors.

Everything we do is always 100% Confidential.

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What We Do For You

  • We help you negotiate the deal- We know the deals on the street as well as
    "The Secret Deals"
  • We help you select the right firms by discovering all of your options (Wire House, Regional, Independent, RIA, Bank, Boutique, Insurance, Discount & Hybrid) 
  • We know the REAL pros and cons of each firm - Unbiased information.
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