“A Financial Advisor need not start their search until they reach out to The Rummage Group. They will educate you on all of your options in an unbiased way, as well as the pros and cons of each.”
Steven Feys, Financial Advisor
Seneca Wealth Management

“I was referred to Rick Rummage by a friend who described his firm as the industry experts who help Financial Advisors discover all their options. Rick immediately determined I should go independent, although I adamantly disagreed with him at the time. After he helped me discover what it really meant to go independent, I finally agreed with him. Looking back, I realized the things I had been told were mostly wrong and he gave me the facts. I am very happy I discovered Rick and am grateful for his honesty and great team.”
Gary T. Padussis, Financial Advisor 
Cape Investment Management

“I have had the privilege of working with Rick Rummage and his team since April 2014. I can say without hesitation, he has an unusually deep and valuable knowledge of the financial industry. Any advisor would do well to take Rick's counsel. Even if you're doing very well with your present situation, chances are he can advise you how to do even better – much better. He has helped me acquire a deeper understanding of the financial advisor world and how to use that understanding in practical ways. I now know exactly who to target for my services and exactly what benefits to offer. This definitely puts more money in my pocket making my situation much better.”
Stan Mann 
Coach For Advisors

"Rummage and his team were relentless in their pursuit to find the right fit for my firm during a recent broker-dealer transition. It was because of their insight and negotiation skills that allowed me to transition to the best place for me. Rick's coaching, compassion and connections assisted me in the growth and development of my career. I would recommend Rick Rummage and his consultants to anyone who will be making the tough decisions of change!"
Curtis Randle El, Financial Advisor 
EL Wealth Advisors

“Rick is the consummate professional and always has his client’s best interest at heart. His desire to help people build their careers and improve their life is at the heart of his work. Not only is he at the top of his profession, he is a great person, you can't go wrong engaging him to help drive your business or career.”
David Guido, Financial Advisor 
First Financial Group

“I wasted 40+ hours listening to biased misinformation before I called The Rummage Group.  Don’t make this mistake and call them first.  They truly are like Sports Agents to Financial Advisors.”
Thanasi Tomaras, Financial Advisor 
Fulcrum Securities

“It’s near impossible to find a Financial Industry expert who helps Financial Advisors navigate through the sea of options. Rick Rummage and his team know this industry better than anyone. They were my partner during this challenging period, and provided me with invaluable insight and information.  I am grateful and happy to call him and his team friends.”
William Filer, Financial Advisor 
Independent Advisory Practice

“Rick and his team have been extremely valuable when I was looking for a new Broker Dealer. He has not only provided me with an abundance of options, but helped me learn about the firms, models and the pros and cons of each.  His outstanding customer service has been outstanding.  He loves what he does and made me feel valued as his client.  I would highly recommend The Rummage Group to any Financial Advisor.”
Robert Horowitz, Financial Advisor 
Fortune 500 Financial Company

"When making a change we wanted to evaluate several different business models. Rick took the time to really understand our business plan and our dreams to help us reach a decision. Rick had the experience and patience to guide us towards what would be the best fit for our organization. He effectively outlined the advantages and disadvantages of each firm to give us independent unbiased counsel on what was the right decision. In the end Rick was great at saving us time and giving us the second opinion on many different issues to be confident in our decision.”
Scott Winslow, ChFC Managing Partner 
Nabell Winslow Investments & Wealth Management 

"Rick is one of the more successful people I have met during my life's journey. His entrepreneur drive has led him to achieve success in many enterprises. His judgment and wisdom shows through the balanced lifestyle he lives, choosing to focus equally on both family and career. As a career coach, his guidance will keep one on track to achieve the goals set forth and to reach the success one is seeking in their career. The respect that he has earned in our industry has created many relationships that give him the flexibility to place an individual in the right career situation so that one can succeed to their fullest potential. I HIGHLY recommend using Rick as either a career consultant or when looking to make a move in our industry. No one should go it alone and I believe that Rick has the experience to provide some of the best counsel in the financial industry."
Philip D. Cox Jr., CFP, Financial Advisor
Sterne Agee

"I have known Rick for over 15 years and wherever he has gone he has been tremendously successful at what he does. We worked together when he was a top producing financial advisor where he was regularly asked to share his methods for success. Most recently during my last job search Rick was a great source of information and was a valuable source of counsel. I had moved to a new market and did not know anyone in the area and after I called Rick with in a day Rick made an introduction for me and had an interview with a CEO of a financial services company. I highly recommend Rick for someone who is considering a change in their career.”   
Matthew Goldstein, Southeast Regional Director
H&R Block Financial Advisors

“Rick and I spent countless hours on the phone talking about our industry and opportunities out there for someone with my specific interests. Rick is VERY knowledgeable not only about my company I left but all the different platforms and companies I had little exposure to. He actually seemed to know more about my company than I did! I view Rick's services as more a coach than any other title he may carry. He simply listened and attempted to help me and my best interests, no one else’s. For this I am glad to say I know Rick and continue to talk to him about future opportunities.”  
Leal Deddens,CFP,CRPC, Senior Financial Advisor
Ameriprise Financial

“Rick is one of the best in his field for many reasons. I've been impressed with the quality of work, attention to client needs, focus and unending motivation. While his work speaks for itself I felt compelled to contribute to his growing network of beneficiaries.”  
Kevin Duffy, Financial Advisor
Fortune 500 Financial Institution

“Rick Rummage is a subject matter expert in the Financial Services Industry. Within the first couple of minutes of our first conversation, I knew I was dealing with a professional who knew the industry very well. Rick opened my eyes to other opportunities in the industry that I would not have learned on my own. He placed me in front of hiring managers of the top firms and institutions in the industry that I would not have ever been able to do on my own. He coached me throughout the entire process with his expert advice and made me feel comfortable at all times. I went in to the interviews completely prepared because of Rick's attention to detail and expertise. I highly recommend Rick's services to anyone who is looking at other opportunities in the Financial Services industry. Rick has the knowledge and experience to assist in any way he can and the best of all, Rick will give you the bottom line, which is rare in today's society.”  
Shahriar Chowdhury

“I have known Rick Rummage for 3 years and worked with him as a hiring manager, and then as a candidate looking for a new opportunity. He has always been an outstanding source of information and contacts within the brokerage and banking world. I would definitely give Rick my highest recommendation.”
Ronald Holtz, Principal, Managing Director
RJH Associates

"As a recruiter, Rick had an excellent method of finding out what type of firm would best fit my personality and previous experience as a financial advisor. He encouraged me from the beginning of the job search process to the end, and was able to successfully place me at a firm which had the type of motivating culture I desired, as well as a team of professionals I could rely on for mentoring. Rick went out of his way to ensure I was comfortable with the decision to change firms, and spent an ample amount of time coaching me along the way regarding the ins and outs of the industry. Any professional or business that has the opportunity to work with Rick for recruiting will be incredibly pleased with the end results."  
Melissa Reaktenwalt, Financial Advisor
Financial Advantage Associates, Inc

“Rick is excellent at details and finding the right person for the right job. Always know that Rick is looking out for your best interest!” 
Mayo Woodward, Field Vice President, Branch Manager
Ameriprise Financial

"I had the opportunity to work with Rick in late 2008 when I was looking for new employment. I found him to be very proactive and responsive, actively seeking out new opportunities and following up on leads. He has a wealth of contacts and understands what employers are looking for, and offers excellent advice to job seekers. I would recommend Rick to anyone who is seeking employment in the financial services industry."  
Scott Waskey, CFP, MBA, Receivership Consultant for the FDIC
Quantum Financial/G & A Joint Venture

" I would highly recommend Rick for anyone looking to find an exceptional talent to work for them. He can always be counted on as a resource for locating new employees. He is a professional who ensures his clients have the most talented people possible, because he has deep knowledge of the industry. Hire Rick, he can find right fit for you and your Bank.”
Shahnaz Tabibi, Regional Director
Congressional Bank

"It gives me great pleasure to write a few words about Rick Rummage of the Rummage Group. He is a very successful business man with a "heart". His people skills and communication skills are superlative and he can help any Financial Professional with their career. Rick is energetic and passionate about what he does, and more so, he is an inspiration for me and for the people that he helps every day in the financial industry." 
Irina Alexandru, Independent Consultant
The Executive Impression

“Rick has been a great friend and colleague for quite some time. He has always shown sincere interest and has been very proactive in the process!”  
Robert Dressler, Executive Director
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

“I have known Rick throughout his recruiting career. He is "a professional's professional". Although Rick has worked in the brokerage and banking industries, his experience goes well beyond those years. He has studied the industry to the point that he is regarded by many as an informational source. Read a trade magazine - he is often quoted because he is sought after by editors for his opinion on industry topics. Rick Rummage works to get the best possible offer for his candidate while bringing his client a top notch individual. He's at the top of his game!!!”
Joe Toppi, President
Global Recruiters of Smithfield

“I highly recommend the services of Rick Rummage for employers seeking strong candidates in the financial services industry. Through his years of industry experience, Rick has developed a thorough understanding of what makes a candidate successful in the financial services arena. He also does an excellent job matching skilled candidates with the right employer.”
Damon White, Managing Director
Evermay Wealth Management

“I worked with Rick and was extremely impressed with his high-profile connections and his willingness to go the extra mile. He has an expert knowledge of the local minor and major financial players and giving you an honest assessment of how you can maximize your situation. It is without question that I recommend working with Rick and The Rummage Group."
Christian Wunderley, Financial Advisor
Signature Financial Partners LLC.

"Rick was a great boss who acted also as a career mentor to make me a better employee not only to him, but to make me a more attractive candidate in the future. I highly recommend his services."
Nicholas Tsotakos
National Geographic Society

"Rick knows what I am looking for and works hard to find it. He works incredible hours and has outstanding skills. I enjoy working with Rick."
Brian Ashley, Regional Investment Manager
Citi Personal Wealth Management

"Rick helped by providing me with with motivation, suggestions, and advice related to my job search. What surprised me the most was his willingness to give support without asking for anything in return. I spoke to him before my recent 2nd round interview, and with a few choice words, he calmed my nerves and gave me the confidence necessary to land the position. Thanks."
Bryan McCarthy, Interdealer Broker
R.W. Smith

“Rick Rummage is a fantastic recruiter. He is very personable and can easily identify an individual's strengths in order to properly place them in a suitable career. Rick is highly selective and chooses to work with quality individuals that possess a desire to succeed. Whether you are a motivated career seeker or a business looking to hire, I highly recommend him.”
Tara Hunt, Financial Advisor
National Financial Legacy Group

"Rick is a fantastic resource and motivator. His vast knowledge of the financial services industry is an asset to any advisor that is looking for opportunity and the best fit for their personality. He has strong relationships across the industry that allow him to examine a wide variety of opportunities before recommending one to a candidate. Thanks Rick for all of the great work!"
Ross Anderson, CRPC, Financial Advisor
Ameriprise Financial Services Inc

“Rick is a blunt, intelligent individual. His perception and knowledge of the financial industry have made him a fantastic talent recruiter. His ability to read and characterize people is second only to his work ethic and fantastic attitude. He was someone I worked with extensively in order to determine if several opportunities were a right fit as well my benefiting from his career coaching and insight. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to hire talented, hardworking people as he works only with the best of the best.”
David Glass, Account Executive
Wells Fargo

“I have worked with Rick for a few years in the past. In my experience, Rick has been one of the hardest working people I have ever met. He always came up with new ideas and is a great team player. But his greatest strength is his ability to get along with people and motivate people. I hope and look forward to working with Rick again in the near future.”
Yohannes Tilahun, Vice President
Morgan Stanley

“Rick is a consultant extraordinaire. He thinks outside the box and represents his clients best interests not his own. When I told Rick I wanted to meet with all the top financial services firms before making a decision about changing firms, he had the contacts and set up the meetings. When I told Rick I wanted an office on the east and west coast, he negotiated with managers in offices on both coasts. And when I narrowed my options to a single firm, Rick successfully represented my interests and I was offered and accepted a position that fulfilled all of my client’s needs and my dreams.”
Ronnyjane Goldsmith, Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

“Rick did an excellent job as a Sales Manager while we worked together at Morgan Stanley, and I’ve seen him consistently apply some of the same attributes to GRN Global.” 
Carlos Andres Hunt, Specialist- Client Services

“Rick is a quality person who has worked with me and my family for years. Rick is a family man and he is a person of integrity and honesty. Rick is a trustworthy person and of the highest character.”  
Nick Tomaras, Financial Advisor
H&R Block Financial Advisors

“Rick is very well versed in the world of recruiting. He is willing to share his knowledge and speaks in a way that allows immediate application of the information he shares. To have the opportunity to speak with him is a true pleasure and then to see the extent of his "real world" knowledge is just icing on the cake! Having Rick in my network has opened doors that were otherwise shut. He is a pleasure to work with and his industry connections are extensive. He's a wealth of knowledge and a competent professional, a true leader in the recruiting industry with impeccable credentials and reputation. Would recommend highly!”
Simone Stefan
Morgan Stanley

“Rick has been a valuable resource in my job search. He has not only provided me with great interviews but his customer service has been outstanding. I would highly recommend Rick Rummage's career search services.”
Robert Horowitz
Sovereign Bank

“Rick is very well at managing any situation that may arise and working in a team environment.”
Ashley Oglesby, Branch Manager Assistant
Morgan Stanley

“I had the distinct privilege of working with Rick during my Morgan Stanley tenure. I found Rick to be a true professional who could always be counted on to deliver--even in the most challenging of circumstances. Rick possesses versatile skills and a unique ability to create a comfortable atmosphere wherever he goes. He's a great team player and always seeks excellence in all he does.” 
Dorothy Patrick, Vice President-Southeast Division Training Manager
Morgan Stanley 

“Rick hired, trained, and managed me as a Financial Advisor at a major financial institution. A great benefit of working with Rick was that he made available to me the experiences he gathered throughout his career in financial services, which allowed me to leverage his knowledge to my advantage. He truly has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to hiring and coaching individuals in the Financial Services Industry. He loves working with people and has a strong passion for helping individuals grow in their careers. Also, I believe given his work ethic and experience in multiple roles at multiple firms, he has developed the ability to identify and hire excellent individuals. As an example, I observed first hand that Rick’s hires for the entry level Financial Advisor position succeeded at a much higher rate than average and stayed at the company longer. I can think of several of his hires who became successful and remain loyal to that company today.”  
James Ulan, Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley

"I had the privilege of working under Rick at Morgan Stanley. He was extremely professional and highly talented in identifying people’s strengths. His willingness to help and his exceptional advice has given me great value in my career advancement. I would highly recommend him to anyone and I would always seek for his help as a candidate looking for a new opportunity." 
Meron Tilahun 
Morgan Stanley